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Automotive Mail Samples

Each one of our variable data direct mailers comes with a number of customizable options. Personal URLs which lead the target to a micro-website tailored to each individual addressee, we can also make these micro-websites available in a static form to match your company brand.

Toll Free Phone Numbers directed into our Business Development Center can either be answered by our own professional customer service staff, or forwarded directly to your dealership. Along the way we track timestamps and record calls and generate instant sales leads for your business.

Besides custom Toll Free Numbers and our Automotive BDC, you’ll have access to our custom online tracking software which enables you to review when and where your direct mailers have been delivered.

A number of other options available can be added to your automotive direct mail campaign such as Full Color Business Cards, Cell Phone Scannable QR Codes that lead to pURLs, Who’s Calling Automotive BDC, Sticky Note add-ons, Letter Envelopes or Folded Mailers, Glossy Paper or Plain, Premium Road Check Coupon Books, CodeKase and Intellikey, Automotive Car Key Sweepstakes, Credit Cards, iPhone Giveaways, the options are endless!

Whether you have your own direct mail design ideas or you are ready to get started mailing one of our ready to go mailers, each item can be custom tailored to your customer demographic. We have an entire in house design team and customer service staff dedicated to assisting your business with all of your automotive direct mail advertising needs!

Contact us for information or samples, we are available via our Online Contact Form or by phone, 877-487-5793.

Automotive Direct Mailers

  • 24 – 48 hours Turnaround
  • Design, Print and Mailing done on site!
  • Full Variable Data Mailers
  • Add-on options also available!
  • Who’s Calling Automotive BDC
  • Full Color Business Cards
  • Targeted Mailing Lists
  • Campaign Tracking Options
  • Instant Lead Notifications
  • …much more!

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Automotive Direct Mail Samples.

We create successful automotive mailers with truly the best results in the nation.

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