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Automotive direct mail campaigns that positively produce results.

We create successful automotive mail campaigns that combine today's top technology with truly the best results in the nation.

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We Produce Success!

Our company has been creating successful direct mail campaigns for car dealerships and ad agencies, over the last 20+ years. Our dedication to the industry has provided us with a proven track record of solutions that cater to the automotive field of direct mail advertising.

We mix old technology with new technology to bring you the best results. Our mailers come with variable data options, which enables us to print an addressee’s name anywhere on the design. Some of our variable options are Maps with Directions, Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Images and PURLs, Toll-Free Numbers tracked through our Automotive BDC!

We handle all facets of design, printing and mailing directly from our 12,000+ square foot facility, saving you time and cost!

We have a selection of designs that are ready for distribution, and we can manage your campaign from design to print, with a quick turnaround of only 24 – 48 hours for most jobs.

How do our Direct Mail Campaigns deliver an Incredible ROI?
Why should you use our Direct Mail Tracking Software?
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  • Automotive BDC options with PURLs or toll free numbers to capture leads!
  • Static or Variable QR codes, Maps and Directions to your dealership.
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sliderWe can create custom apps with our web tools. Driving online leads to your CRM solution or help in creating a product of your own. Using BDC Solutions, Phone Tracking and Mail Tracking for detailed reports.

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Industry leading automotive direct mailer campaigns available for all of your automotive direct mail advertising needs. Our direct mail services are above the rest!


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sliderWe use unique methods with our direct mail events. Getting the consumers from thier house to your dealership with incentives and cutting edge automotive direct mail themes.

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Through integrated USPS Intelligent Mail Tracking, automotive direct mail tracking tools show when and where direct mail advertising campaigns are delivered.


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sliderWe offer free mail tracking tools on every direct mail campaign. Phone tracking tools and custom landing pages known as (Personalized URLs). Personalized landing pages with variable content and images.

See example pURL

Personalized URLs (pURLs)

Automotive direct mail printing services provide personalized URLs with the addressee name as part of the automotive direct mail campaign URL.


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sliderIt's a fact your direct mailing campaigns are only as good as the lists selected to target your customers. With over 20 years in the business we will get you the UPs needed for a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

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Direct mail advertising campaigns are available in pre-designed templates ready for postcard mailing. Custom direct mail designs are also available.


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