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Automotive BDC Phone Tracking with Who’s Calling

One of our premium low cost options is to add a Toll Free Phone Number to your automotive direct mail campaign that is track-able through our Automotive BDC.

Tracking of phone calls is done automatically through our hi-tech systems and recorded data is made available to you inside of our specialty set of online tools, which can be access anywhere there is is an internet connection.

All calls are recorded for playback, so you can learn what consumers are calling about, and listen to how your staff handle incoming sales leads. Data such as call recordings can be used to train your sales team on what the best practices are for turning a phone call into a vehicle sale.

Captured statistics are stored in your own set of online tools, allowing you to access sales leads and phone call recordings anytime that you want them.

Contact our customer service staff to ask questions about our Automotive BDC options with Call Recording and Tracking.

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