Why Personalized URLs

Why Personalized Landing Pages

With Personalized URLs the Consumer will be able to have:

Personalized URLs

  • Custom loading pages like
  • The look of the mail piece, personalized to each responder with variable data
  • A map directions to your business
  • A Landing page that will profile responders by collecting valuable opt-in survey info
  • A discount coupon which may be exchanged for filling out a brief questionnaire
  • A Thank you Page. Upon successful completion of the landing page the responder is directed to a thank you page. The Marketer is provided with an instant lead via their E-mail address. All of the pertinent contact and survey information for the Marketer’s sales force is now available to CLOSE THE SALE.



Personalized Varaibale Maps

Personalized different map art for each mail piece:

  • Shows your customers how to get from their home to your business location!
  • Grabs attention because they look at the map and think “Hey, that’s where I live!”
  • Urges people to respond because their customized map totally relates to the action you want them to take.

Map Maker Images



Direct Mail List Criteria

Priority Self Direct MailAny direct mail program is only as good as the list. It must be properly targeted to meet the desired result of the mail piece. We regard this as the most important aspect of the direct mail event and in that regard, our specialists will first interview the client for desired target and then gather the list from some or all of our many available sources.

Our lists include: Bankruptcy (filed or discharged); Credit (Equifax); Credit (Experian); Attributes (age, income, home value, renters, etc.); Auto (year/make/model – new/used); Property (own, rent, mortgage balance, etc.); Business; Responder (individuals who may have responded to previous ads).



USPS 2013 Price Update

USPS Postal PricingAs of January 28, 2013 there will be an increase in postage by the USPS. The dollar amount shown on the #3602 USPS Postal Receipt may or may not show the total cost of postage, handling or trucking charges paid or incurred by us.

The fees charged for postage and handling on the our invoice reflect the class in which mail is being sent as requested by the client on the signed work authorization, i.e. first class, standard, etc. our rates for the various class of postal delivery are as follows: Download 2013 USPS Price List Here.


First-Class Mail® Letters – Commercial PricingUSPS official muscle cars stamps
.372 First Class Letter
.24 First Class 4×6 PC
.26 Standard Class Letter
.285 Standard Priority Letter
.245 Standard Drop Ship Letter
.175 Walk Sequence Letter
.195 Walk Sequence Flat
.36 Flat Standard Drop Ship
.37 Flat Standard
.43 Flat First Class

First-Class Mail® Letters – Retail
First-Class Mail® Letters for Business From $0.46 at the Post Office