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Personalized URLs also known as PURLs

You may have been handling direct mail advertising for your automotive dealership for a long time and never heard of PURLs, which are simply Personalized URLs that include a target consumer’s real name and lead consumers to a real website.

Our company pioneered the PURL service in the direct mail advertising industry. We are always adding new ideas to our stable of premium options available for direct mail campaigns and with over 20 years experience we are the most competitive with our pricing.

PURL campaigns can lead to a static website design that simply greets the consumer and creates a welcoming environment, advertising your dealership and asking survey questions, or offer a sweepstakes design that directs consumers to come to your showroom to find out what they’ve won.

Through surveys and questionnaires we are able to track consumers and report that information to you through our Automotive BDC. Our business development center has the capability of adding consumer leads into a customer relations management platform which will allow you to access their information in real time from anywhere with internet access.

Our Automotive BDC also offers Toll-Free phone number tracking, which can be advertised within your direct mail campaign, and also on your Personalized URLs campaign.

PURLs whether variable data driven or static websites are affordable at only $300 per direct mail advertising campaign, and you can add an Automotive BDC Toll-Free Phone Number for a low cost of only $100 per campaign.

Contact us regarding any questions about our Personalized URLs services or Automotive BDC Tracking Options.

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