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Real-time Direct Mail Tracking Software

Today’s technology allows real-time direct mail tracking through various stages of automotive direct mail marketing.

Our custom online tracking software is available to help keep track of when and where your direct mail campaign is being delivered in real-time. Automotive sales leads are also generated through our Automotive BDC Who’s Calling and Personalized URLs features.

Through technology such as Personalized URLs or pURLs and USPS’ Intelligent Mail Barcode tracking system, you will be able to review the responsiveness of your mailer campaign online, as it is being delivered! As well, view your campaigns sales leads as they automatically generate.

Keeping tabs on your direct mail has never been easier! You can gain exclusive access to data that other direct mail companies don’t like to share! We created custom Real-time Direct Mail Tracking Software for your use! This is just one of the many options we have available for your automotive direct mail marketing needs!

All of our tracking data and generated sales leads are viewable online, from anywhere an internet connection is available!

We have representatives ready to assist you with all of your direct mail marketing needs from design to delivery! Let us show you how real-time direct mail tracking software can benefit you.

If you’d like more information on how you can more directly keep track of your campaigns, with real-time tracking updates, please contact us via our Online Contact Page or call 877-487-5793.

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