Automotive Direct Mail Tracking

Tracking software solutions are available to capture delivery times, sales leads and survey results of your direct mail campaigns and to automatically add them your own Customer Relations Management System also called a CRM.

Utilizing USPS’ Intelligent Mail Barcode scanning and our exclusive online tracking software, keeping track of delivery has never been easier!

We also offer tracking services through options such as Personalized Website URLs, which are designed to include a target consumer’s name right in the webpage URL. These pURLs can be customized in a number of ways to reflect your car dealership’s brand, add a survey to help assist in sales lead generation, or have a custom landing page with locational maps.

Our Automotive BDC (Business Development Center) can help record and track sales leads through Toll-Free Phone Numbers. The phone number can be used to forward calls directly to your dealership or be answered by a call center, your choice.

Our online tracking software will allow you instant access in real-time to discover newly generated leads, survey results, and to find out delivery statistics – all of which will assist in you in realizing the full potential of your next direct mail campaign.

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Direct Mail Advertising that Works:

  • Kelley Blue Book – Buy Back Programs
  • Broadsheet Mailers
  • Laminated Pop-out Postcards 4 x 6
  • Jumbo Postcards 10 x 14
  • Special Finance Mailers
  • Priority Mail Designs
  • Fed-Ex Mail Designs
  • Seasonal Mailers
  • Promotional Mailings