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Variable Data Direct Mail with Dealership Location Maps

Automotive direct mail designs that we offer can be customized with a number of variable data options, such as placing the targeted consumer’s real name anywhere on the design layout.

We strive to go above and beyond when it comes to customization of direct mail campaigns, so along-side standard variable data options we have added PURLs which are basically variable data websites. A custom URL that includes the consumer’s real name will lead them to a micro-website that is a complete custom design with your own dealership’s brand.

What would custom websites be without utilizing today’s latest technology, so we have also added the ability to use variable data QR Codes, which are smart-phone bar codes that can be scanned directly from any smart phone. Once a code is scanned, the consumer will be directed to either a static websites of your choice, or variable data Personalized URLs websites with their own name in the URL and the site introduction.

One of our standard options that has always been available with direct mail printing services is the location map, which will show a map of where your dealership is located right on the insert. We can also print basic directions on how to find your location from major highways and intersections.

Our location map and directions can be custom fit right onto your next direct mail campaign, other options like PURLs and QR Codes are premium options and are charged as a one time fee per campaign, not by the piece. We understand direct mail advertising can be expensive, so we do our best to keep costs low, and that’s why we charge a small flat rate fee for Personalized URLs at only $300 per campaign, and only $50 per campaign for QR Codes.

Contact us for more details on our automotive direct mail campaigns and pricing for other premium options available.

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