Why Personalized URLs

With Personalized URLs the Consumer will be able to have:

  • Custom landing pages like johnsmith.purl.tv
  • The look of the mail piece, personalized to each responder with variable data
  • A map directions to your business
  • A Landing page that will profile responders by collecting valuable opt-in survey info
  • A discount coupon which may be exchanged for filling out a brief questionnaire
  • A Thank you Page. Upon successful completion of the landing page the responder is directed to a thank you page. The Marketer is provided with an instant lead via their E-mail address. All of the pertinent contact and survey information for the Marketer’s sales force is now available to CLOSE THE SALE.

Stay In Touch

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Direct Mail Advertising that Works:

  • Kelley Blue Book – Buy Back Programs
  • Broadsheet Mailers
  • Laminated Pop-out Postcards 4 x 6
  • Jumbo Postcards 10 x 14
  • Special Finance Mailers
  • Priority Mail Designs
  • Fed-Ex Mail Designs
  • Seasonal Mailers
  • Promotional Mailings